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Surreal Installations

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

In 2006, Andrew decided to take one of his trademark suits in the sea paintings off the canvas and give it life! He put an advert' in his local paper asking "Do you want to be a part of art history? If so, meet me at Tennyson beach dressed in a black suit and bring and umbrella". Surprisingly, about 60 people turned up including the Advertiser newspaper & their gun cameraman! Since then Andrew has travelled Australia creating varied surreal installations while capturing the imagination of the world media!

In 2018, Andrew was commissioned by GOLDOC (cultural part of the commonwealth games) to create a surreal event for the 2018 Gold coast Commonwealth games. Titled “The Water Cooler Games”

Andrew was commissioned by the United Nations Association of Australia To create a painting inspired by one of his installations to be used on official UN envelopes to celebrate the UN’s 70th Birthday.

Link to USA Today coverage of cow installation

Link to a short YouTube one of Andrew’s trade mark surreal installations

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